We have a professional approach with our business customers (? We offer professional support and services to our business clients).
At R2 we search for the lowest premiums and best coverage every day for the benefit of our business clients. We work with a number of companies that have given us their trust to deal with their insurance issues and look for competitive insurance solutions of any of their business activities. This is what we can do for your company: – R2 is an independent insurance actor, providing a service free of charge for our clients, acting on behalf of the customer. – We clarify matters and help our clients to choose the best suitable insurance solution for them. – We support in insurance claims. If the insurance has been made directly and impersonally with a bank, an Insurance Company, by “Direct Insurance” (??) or other, you will not have any advisory support or impartial protection in case of a claim. Instead, you will have to deal directly with the insurance company, which can be both complex as well as time consuming. – We have broad and deep technical knowledge and know-how of the insurance market and its’ operations as well as an understanding of how to interpret the terms and conditions of the insurance’s policies in the Portuguese market. – We care for your interests and rights as they are stated in the insurance´s terms and conditions. – We have valuable knowledge of the insurance market in Portugal and know what supply of insurances there are, their costs and coverage. We are always ready to hear your reclaims.


We exist because of you!


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We do not supply pre-contractual information and/or contractual information legally required. (??)