Hunter Allianz

Hunter Allianz

An “accurate shot” on your safety with Hunter Allianz!

Every hunter and gun owners are obliged by law to hire an insurance contract that protect from the damage caused by them to third parties, in case of an accident, while hunting or use of the weapon.

The Allianz Hunt and Weapons allows you to answer to the legal obligation of hiring an insurance, but we go further. With the Allianz Hunt and Weapons you can choose better coverage options that include, for example, your own accidents or your hunting dogs.


Documents needed for the Hunter Allianz insurance hiring 

To hire an insurance you need the following documents:

– Personal Identification (BI / TIN / Citizen Card);

– Hunter card and hunting license (for RC hunting);

– Registration of weapon ownership (for RC Weapons);

– License to use and carry weapons (for RC Weapons);

– Dogs license and registration (if damage coverage for hunting dogs is contracted).

We are here for you when you need it the most

A good hunt depends on several factors, such as a good weapon, aim or luck. But you must not neglect yours or thirds’ safety. Having a good insurance, like Allianz Hunt and Weapons, can make all the difference. Because unexpected events happen, and we will be by your side to help minimize the consequences.


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